Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Turf Reinforcement Mesh

TERRM TurfProtecta turf reinforcement mesh

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Ground Stabilisation

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Grass and Ground

TERRAM TurfProtecta® is a lightweight, UV stabile, extruded, 100% recycled high density polyethylene plastic mesh for grass reinforcement and protection where occasional light vehicle or pedestrian use is required for applications including car parking, access routes and aircraft taxiways. 

Supplied in 2m x 30m rolls and in two grades, ‘Standard’ and ‘Heavy’ and in black or green, TurfProtecta® turf reinforcement mesh is ideal for reinforcing grassed surfaces prone to wear, rutting and smearing which can result a muddy surface incapable of being used.

• Overflow grass car parks
• Grass access routes
• Pedestrianised grassed areas
• Grass footpaths
• Wheelchair / Disabled (DDA) access routes
• Front lawn parking
• Aircraft taxiways

TERRAM TurfProtecta® grass reinforcement mesh can be installed on recently cut grass. The grass protection mesh is simply unrolled and pinned to the surface using metal U-Pins or plastic pegs. 

TERRAM TurfProtecta® grass reinforcement mesh allows the grass sward to intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments creating a strong, discreetly reinforced natural grass surface capable of withstanding vehicle loads, limiting damage and reducing soil compaction. 

It is strongly recommended that installation be carried out during the growing season to allow a strong interlock between the TurfProtecta® mesh and the grass roots. The grass will grow through the reinforcement mesh, creating a natural reinforced and stabilised grassed surface capable of applications including car parks and grass access routes.

TERRAM TurfProtecta® grass reinforcement mesh can also be installed on newly landscaped areas by laying the rolls on top of a level, well drained, seeded soil, pinned and then covered with a layer of topsoil and seed, for both permanent or temporary applications. 

After a few months of the growing season, the grass roots will have intertwined with the mesh filaments creating a strong stable surface capable of withstanding heavy pedestrian and occasional vehicular use. The grass can be cut as normal and will have regained its natural appearance. The grass can however be mown, rolled and fertilised as usual during this period.

It is advisable to allow the grass to fully establish before the area is used to create a stronger reinforced surface (this may take only a few weeks to a few months depending on the grass growing season).

Product Specification :

SizeGradeColourMesh ApertureWeightMaterialRecycledPart No.

Fixing Pins and Pegs
Steel U-Pins or plastic pegs should be used to secure TERRAM TurfProtecta® to the ground. Please download the design specification for details on the recommended amount of pins per roll.

Plastic Pegs and Markers /  U-PinsPlastic Pegs and Markers / U-Pins

ProductMaterialSizeOuterPart Number
U-PinsSteel170mm x 70mm x 6mm dia.50 pack041824
Black PegsPlastic140mm long100 pack060351


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