Standard Geotextiles

Standard Geotextiles

TERRAM Standard Geotextiles

T700, T900, T1000, T1300, T1500, T2000, T3000, T4000 and T4500

The filtration and separation functions of TERRAM Standard Geotextiles enhance the performance and design life of granular layers. Typical applications include ground stabilisation (between the sub-base and subgrade) and around drainage materials.

Prevents intermixing of granular materials and soils

TERRAM Standard Geotextiles are an effective solution for the construction of stable granular layers over soft foundation soils. Placed between the stone layer and the soft subgrade, TERRAM geotextiles prevent intermixing of the two layers caused by imposed loading, which would ordinarily result in the contamination of the stone layer and the loss in bearing strength, giving surface rutting and deformation at the sub-base/subgrade interface.

Prevents the ingress of fines into drainage media

TERRAM Standard Geotextiles are ideal for preventing the ingress of fines into most commonly used drainage systems whether that be granular or a geosynthetic alternative, such as open geocellular unit.

TERRAM filters/separators are used extensively in the
construction of:

  • Paved and unpaved roads
  • Railways
  • Car parks and hardstandings
  • Cycleways and footpaths
  • SuDS installations
  • Green roofs

Product GradeT700T900 T1000T1300T1500T2000T3000T4000T4500
Roll Width* (m)
Roll Length (m)1501501001001001001005050
Roll Weight (kg)65856075851001208095
*All products can be manufactured up to a maximum width of 6 meters


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TERRAM Standard geotextiles
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