Robust Geotextiles

Robust Geotextiles

TERRAM Robust Geotextiles

RG3, RG3.3, RG4, RG5, RG6, RG7, RG8, RG9, RG11, RG14, RG17, RG19, RG22, RG25, RG30, RG40

TERRAM Robust Geotextiles (RG) provide protection and separation/ filtration functionality, making these thick geotextiles
ideal for:

• protection of Landfill site components (including impermeable membranes basal areas, side walls and caps), reservoirs, balancing ponds, reed beds, artificial lakes and tailing lagoons

• prevention of soil erosion from beneath rock armour and pre-cast concrete revetments, sea shores, rivers and water channels, lakes and reservoirs

TERRAM RG are thick needlepunched geotextiles, enabling them to resist damage during the placement of angular stone or armour rock and absorb point loads in service life beneath landfill waste or foreshore defences.

Application areas include:
• Landfill engineering
• Coastal and Waterways
• Highways
• Pipeline and utility protection
• Landscaping

Landfill engineering
Part of the engineering process is the cost v quality consideration of the drainage stone relative to the level of protection that will be required. Cylinder testing is a method of confirming the performance of the proposed stone / protection geotextile combination, if it is to be approved in the UK by the Environmental Agency. The performance of the TERRAM RG range allows inexpensive, aggressive stone to be considered ahead of expensive, more-rounded alternatives.

Coastal and waterways engineering
TERRAM RG possess excellent hydraulic and filtration properties, making them highly effective replacements for traditional stone filter layers. Instead of several stone filter layers, a single bedding layer of stone is laid on the robust geotextile, followed by the rock armour layer.

Geocomposites to save time and money
In combination with TERRAM drainage nets, grids, band drains and lining membranes, TERRAM RG needlepunched geotextiles can be used to form unique composite solutions to site-specific conditions. Factory-controlled manufacturing can then provide single high quality products with multiple functionality that will be installed in one pass, saving time and money.

TERRAM RG robust geotextiles were previously named TERRAM NP geotextiles.


TERRAM Coastal, Waterways and Flood Defence
TERRAM Robust geotextiles
Jointing methods for TERRAM geotextiles
BODPAVE 85 Porous car parking (SparkOne Bristol)
RG9 Protecting storm-water lagoons liners (A483)
RG7 - Landfill Basal-cell-liner & side-slope protection/drainage (Beacon Hill LFS)
RG4, RG11 RG-SD19 Protection to Landfill basal & capping liners (Lean Quarry LFS)
RG25 & RG31 Liner protection for a deep landfill cell (Clifton Marsh LFS)
RG3 Landfill capping liner protection (Erin LFS)
RG4 & RG-SD19 Landfill cell side-wall drainage (Bryn Pica LFS)