Geocells - Flood Defence

Geocells - Flood Defence

TERRAM Flood Defence Geocells

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Coastal & waterways

TERRAM Geocells are designed for cost-effective and fast installation of temporary water containment barriers to help first responders construct faster defences than traditional sandbag methods in emergency flood areas. The geotextile cells are filled with local material to build walls faster than conventional sand-bagging.

The geocells are lightweight, stackable panels manufactured from permeable geotextile fabric, and can be filled with local sand or soil on site. Being permeable there is no build-up of water, the flow-through of water or moisture helps improves compaction, leading to greater performance.

TERRAM flood protection geocells have been tested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and have been proven to significantly outperform sandbags through:

• Faster installation and removal time
• Less water seepage
• Better overall system endurance

TERRAM Geocells are engineered to provide:

• Flexible design and contours to adapt to rugged terrain
• Ease of transportation - light weight and compact for remote installation

During the spring floods of 2011, Defencell Flood
Walls were employed to defend municipalities
along the flood zones from Canada down the
Mississippi River to Louisiana



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