Critical properties required in landfill engineering are provided by TERRAM Geosynthetics; 

i) Robustness to withstand installation and service life.

ii) Puncture resistance to protect the liner from puncture. 

iii) Extensibility to adapt to point loads without failing. 

iv) Chemical resistance for sustained contact with leachate. 

v) UV resistance for the period before the product is covered by waste.


Design of a landfill cap requires the careful consideration of multiple factors which exist, such as size, shape and gradient of the site, to ensure the desired performance is achieved. In addition, as the waste in the cell decomposes, settlement may well be experienced thereby modifying the original parameters. The design must therefore be capable of accommodating these changes without detriment to performance.

TERRAM robust geotextiles possess the necessary puncture resistance required to protect the capping liner from mechanical damage.  TERRAM drainage composites, based on nets and band drains, are proven as light-weight, easy-to-install alternatives when compared with stone.  With their factory-controlled properties, they ensure a consistent level of in-plane flow.

Capping applications for TERRAM geosynthetics

TERRAM landfill specific robust geotextile products offer protection above and below the impermeable liners. Drainage layers, both above and below the liner, may also be specified in order to collect and convey rainwater and gas (respectively) and geocell slope stabilisation.

Drainage can be incorporated within the robust geotextiles, to combine the functions of protection and drainage – one simple-to install product instead of two.

The rate and quantity of rain falling on the cap needs to be considered when designing the drainage requirement together with the volume of water that will be shed at the surface and the amount that will infiltrate the restoration soil layer.  The in-plane flow capacity of the drainage system must be neither too slow to cause soil saturation and destabilisation, nor too quick for the collection system into which the drainage layer flows.

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TERRAM robust geotextiles used in landfill capping applications
TERRAM drainage geocompsites used in landfill capping