TERRAM Geosynthetics are used extensively in the construction of highways in civil engineering applications  - from preventing intermixing of sub-base and subgrade layers, control erosion on cut slopes, for roadside drainage, as part of SUDS projects for infrastructure access and in the construction of retaining walls, bridge abutments and steep slopes.

Preventing frost heave

Preventing frost heave beneath highways

TERRAM Frost Blanket has been installed with great success on a number of significant projects around the world including Kazakhstan and Siberia.

Installed horizontally, the TERRAM Frost Blanket is a purpose-designed, protection geocomposite for mitigating the effects of frost heave. It forms a capillary break to prevent the rise of groundwater into the frost zone thereby reducing the potential for damage as a result of the freeze/thaw cycle (frost heave).

Preventing the capillary rise of salt water

TERRAM FSB is similarly effective in preventing the capillary rise of salt water that would otherwise contaminate sweet soil layers capable of sustaining vegetation.

This geocomposite can be used instead of the tradition 300mm thick stone layer which would have been used in the past. A much more environmental-friendly alternative, particular if stone is not locally available.

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Frost causes roads and pavements to crack through heave
TERRAM frost blanket helps prevent the capillary rise of water, preventing frost heave
Damage caused to road surfaces through frost / thaw cycles.