TERRAM Geosynthetics are used extensively in the construction of highways in civil engineering applications  - from preventing intermixing of sub-base and subgrade layers, control erosion on cut slopes, for roadside drainage, as part of SUDS projects for infrastructure access and in the construction of retaining walls, bridge abutments and steep slopes.

Load platforms and tree root protection

Load platforms
TERRAM Geocell systems provide a stable base for paved surfaces and surface stabilisation for unpaved areas thus solving many load support and tree root protection problems.

Tree Root Protection
TERRAM Geocell cellular confinement system protects tree roots from damage caused by heavy vehicles, particularly in Tree Protection Order (TPO) areas, where conventional construction would be invasive and where trees are sensitive to disturbance.

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Terram Geocell load platform on a road

Terram geocell pevents damage to tree roots by spreading loads laterally