Grass and Ground

Grass and Ground

TERRAM offer a range of manufactured solutions to reinforce, stabilise and protect grass and gravel surfaces. In recent times the demand for soft unpaved solutions that can be trafficked and are more aesthetically pleasing than concrete and asphalt has grown. The TERRAM grass and ground reinforcement range provides a permeable surface suitable for grass or gravel.

Porous pavers

A SUDS source control compliant, free draining pavement can be achieved using Porous pavers.

TERRAM Porous Paver solutions, manufactured from recycled plastics, are suitable for all types of traffic including HGV’s, coaches, Fork Lifts, lorries, trucks, cars, bicycles and pedestrians. These permeable paving grids can either be filled with a gravel aggregate for intensive use or with a grass rootzone for a natural reinforced pavement surface. 

Applications include:

• HGV access roads and yards
• Fire access routes
• Coach parks
• Gravel and grass car parks
• Driveways
• Helipads and aircraft taxiways
• Cycle and footpaths

TRUCKPAVE is designed for access where heavy goods vehicles and machinery is required. The pavers are designed to interlock and are manufactured from recycled plastic and provide either a retained gravel or natural grass surface. 

BODPAVE 85 is a interlocking plastic paving grid that offers exception gravel retention and optimal grass growth while providing a free draining surface for medium to heavy regular traffic including car and coach parks, fire access lanes and cycle paths.

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TERRAM BodPave 85 porous paving grid
TERRAM BodPave porous paver filled with gravel for a car park
TERRAM TruckPave heavy duty ground reinfocing permeable paving grid