Coastal & Waterways

Coastal & Waterways

Many coastal and waterway applications commonly use TERRAM Geosynthetics including

Foreshores, dams and flood bunds, river and canal banks, lagoon, lake and reservoir shores, culverts and outfalls, ports, breakwaters, artificial islands and causeways. 

TERRAM Defencell geocells are used for temporary flood protection where a fast response in required and local fill materials are available.

Geocellular temporary flood-alleviation structures

The TERRAM geocellular system was initially developed for military defence uses. However, the US Corps of Engineers conducted tests with the system to determine whether it could be used to construct temporary flood defences. Their work concluded that the system significantly outperformed sandbags in terms of installation/removal time, water seepage control and overall endurance.

TERRAM Geocells are fabricated from geotextile to form a series of interconnected honeycomb like cells which can be laid flat to form a compact unit for shipment. Once on site, the units are quickly unpacked, opened out, positioned, secured to each other and then filled with a locally-won fill or an imported fill such as sand. The units can be placed on top of each other to form taller structures and the resulting walls can be formed with angles and curves. 

Installation can be carried out by unskilled labour. At a rate of 20 plus units/hour, within 3 hours the equivalent protection afforded by 22,196 sandbags can be provided. 

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